Three-dimensional currency sculptures

Hi everyone,

I want to draw your attention to this amazing currency sculptures that I have gathered for this post. Its a stunning work by Canadian visual artist Kristi Malakoff.

Se used 31 money bills from different countries and the result is what you are seeing in these pictures.

The 1st was made with 8 bills of foreign currency (Cambodia, China, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Bolivia, Iraq, Paraguay, Russia);

The 2nd was made with 8 bills of foreign currency (Cambodia, China, Costa Rica, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Russia, Brazil, Peru);

And the 3rd was made with 4 bills of foreign currency (Brazil, Zambia, Egypt and Bolivia).

I think its based on origami techniques, since it is consisted in many well done folds. Its so well done and perfect, the colors all match well, it doesnt seems that this was made with currency.

Hope, you enjoy these cool examples.

All information in (you can see other amazing sculptures there too).

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