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I have never tried nail strips like this or the Sally Hansen salon effects nail strips so I was very eager to try these out when I received them for free through Influenster but .. it`s sort of a pain to wear. I was planning to wear them on my nails but since it`s my first time doing these sticker manicures I thought about doing my toes first because it`s easier to work with.. After getting one sticker on my toe- I concluded it`d be easier to just do my big toes and call it a day.

My thoughts:
The design I received is called "Cocktail". It`s pink zebra print with jewels on it and clear base. The design itself is really pretty, something I wouldn`t be able to recreate on my nails.
The package gives you enough stickers for your toes/nails + some extra encase you mess up. It also comes with a nail filer.
Does these stickers smell? Faintly, you can hardly smell it unless your face is up to the stickers.
How easy is the sticker manicure? Honestly, I think it`s hard. You have to file down the sticker to your nail and it makes your nails sharp and all nasty. I cut the sticker then file it down so it`s less work a little but still I don`t like the filing down part =( I also had a hard time peeling the sticker off the sheet!

<em>Oh, I used my same manicure on my toes. I think this print would look cute with a pink base instead though but I was lazy.</em>

Would I repurchase?

This product retails for $6.99 and can be found at your local Walmart, Target, CVS and so forth but I would probably purchase this if it was less than $2; for full price probably not.

OVERALL Grading:

Design of the pattern: 10/10 - They have a lot of cute choices to chose from!
Ease of manicure: 3/10: It took me longer to put these on then to paint my toe nails! =(


I think these would make cute accent stickers for your toes/nails. For a full manicure I think I would go crazy since it`s not that easy in my opinion. On my toes, I hardly bump into anything so the sticker lasted.. imagine these on my nails, I don`t think they will stick for long because I tried placing the excess from my toes onto my nails and it wouldn`t stick at all. I do like how it`s an accent nail for my toes. BUT, I hope the nail stickers don`t dry out because I have a lot more left over. [I heard the Sally Hansen Salon Effects once you open it.. i t dries it fairly quickly]!

<strong>Have you tried these stickers out? How did they work for you?</strong>

Disclaimer: I received these products to test for free through the Influenster VoxBox program.

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