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5 years ago

Last month, I signed up for a 1-month pass at my local community centre gym. It was $40 for one month, and my pass has just expired. I`d like to keep going to a gym, but the community centre gym was just so busy almost all the time! It seemed that the only time I could even get near some of the equipment was during random non-peak hours (like, Tuesday at 1 pm, for example). I`ll be starting a full-time job soon, so I won`t be able to go to the gym during non-peak hours. :( I don`t really think I should be paying for membership to a gym that I can`t get full use of, so I don`t really want to renew my membership there.

Another thing about this gym is that it`s *slightly* out of my takes about 20 minutes for me to get there. There is another gym that`s only 10 minutes away, but I was doing some research, and they charge $100 a month for a membership. Ouch! They do, however, have a $5 drop-in option. So, as long as I don`t go to the gym more than three times a week, I`d be saving a bit of money. But it`s still expensive!

There`s also the option of working out at home, but I do have limited equipment. I have a couple of 5-lb. dumbbells, a resistance band, a stability ball, and a treadmill. Unfortunately, my landlord has prohibited me from using my treadmill anymore, because they say it makes too much noise. And there`s not much room at my place, so I can`t use my stability ball unless my roommates are out, so I don`t get in their way. On top of that, I`d like to build some real muscle using gym equipment. So, I really do want to join up at a gym again, but I want to 1) Actually be able to USE the equipment, even during peak hours, and 2) Not have to pay $100 a month for a membership/pass.

I`m going to keep thinking about it, but in the meantime, I was wondering if anyone else had any thoughts or advice? =)

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