Thoughts on Recent Luuux Shop Changes

4 years ago

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Since Luuux and its staff rolled out new changes to the format of the shop and the logistics of how the site is running from this point on, I have seen myself and everyone else been posting/blogging less and less. This makes me sad as I have grown to love and become an avid Luuuxer. Okay, I`ll admit I wasn`t too keen of this when I first joined in summer 2010 because I thought it`s impossible and time consuming to earn points for something that`s worth 30,000-50,000 points (i.e. Louboutins and LV, respectively). So, I`ve been weaving in and out of the website for months until I became a regular here on Luuux just recently in the last year or so. From then on, I`ve been accumulating points and following posts with the initial intention of saving as much as I could for the Louboutins I`ve dreamed of owning one day in my closet. As I grew fond of the website and the users, the adrenaline rush of competing to get points flared off and I`ve learned to love the art of blogging and reading other people`s blog posts/reviews. It gave me a different perspective on enjoying and giving back to others while simultaneously being rewarded in return with my own blog posts. I was so close to cashing in...but the new changes definitely made it impossible to get my hands on those imfamous red soles. To think about it, I easily could of bought my own pair with my imaginary I just think it`s ridiculous to pay for shipping and taxes when both combined equals the pair of red soles themselves! Sighs, I`ll have to keep hoping, dreaming, and saving to own Christian Louboutins one day.

To those who I have come to know and been acquainted with, thank you for rating, reading, commenting, and following my posts. I know I`m not the best beauty/fashion reviewer or have the best photography skills to post decent/professional pictures. With this, I am sad to say that I won`t be wasting my time much longer here on Luuux but also am glad that I will have more time on my hands to focus on studying for my DATs and apply my time to something more useful. I do not have a blog or tumblr of my own, but I`ve been wanting to start up a tumblr for a while...just don`t know what to name it yet. (I am not creative when it comes to thinking of a unique I`m indecisive of what I want to have it as.) Therefore, I really want to keep in touch with those who has been there supporting me through commenting and following my posts through other network outlets until I decide what type of blogs I want to start up. If you want, please leave me a PM and maybe we can work something out. Until then, good luck everyone and hopefully I`ll "see" you around on Luuux one of these days. :)

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