Thoughts on Pretty Little Liars amp What to Expect on Summer Premiere

3 years ago

Hey ladies and gents! So I`m pretty sure most Pretty Little Liars watchers are super ecstatic for the summer premiere of PLL.

Here`s a few of my thoughts for this summer premiere:

1. I`m glad that Mona has sided with the girls now. However, I still have a little hunch that she will end up deceiving them again.

2. Also, am I the only one who thinks that Ezra has something to with A?! He`s been really fishy lately. I have a feeling that Ezra is going to have a big presence in this season, which might explain why Aria was crying in the hallway.

3. Another thing I`ve noticed is that Aria is always getting the least worst treatment from A. All the other girls have always been getting horrible punishments, often life threatening. However, Aria seems to be the only one who has the fewest and less severe treatments from A. Does that seem fishy a bit?! It does for me.

4. Also, is Alison really dead?! I feel like Alison is not dead. Ali is definitely more than alive "do I look dead to you?" The most infamous quote in the show. And, she obviously has a twin.

5. I have a bunch that they won`t announce who red coat really is and viewers will be waiting another season to find out. We are going to get tricked into believing we will finally find out who A Like the other seasons. Lol Or they might show who the girl in the red coat is and it`s going to be mind blowing, but that`s a bit of a wishful thinking.

6. Who do you think is in the trunk?! I feel like Cece was in the trunk.

7. Courtney is the dead one and Alison is alive. Courtney always wanted to be Allison, but whoever killed hee meant to kill Ali but the killer took the wrong twin, they look identical, so you can`t tell the difference

8. I think Jenna, Shanna, Melissa is the A team. Melissa was the only one in the house when Spencer got locked in the steam room, I know Melissa did cause she was mad Spencer and Wren was getting close.

I guess time will tell. These are some of my personal thoughts on the Summer premiere! :)

What do you think will happen in the summer premiere?! Any thoughts?

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