Those who say sunshine is happiness have never danced in rain..... NATURAL BEAUTY TRICKS!

Hey guys! Sorry I haven`t posted in forever, I just got two teeth removed so that I can finally get rid of my overbite!! :)

Ok, so this post is really cool to me. I have found the coolest beauty and health tricks ever! Ever have a day when your out of shaving cream and need soft, smooth legs now? Well you can just use some hydrating hair conditioner that you have conveniently in your shower (I recommend Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner).

Yep! This post is about swapping one item for another. I think this is awesome and I found these things work just as well or better than the original product that I needed. I`m also going to share some natural health and beauty remedies and fix its with you that I just know you`ll love!

1. Use a moisturizing hair conditioner as shaving cream
2. Use Eyeliner for eyeshadow (you can use more fun colors this way!)
3. Use Mascara as eyeliner
4. Use body lotion as hair serum
5. Use coffee to enhance your natural (dark) hair color (brew, cool, leave in hair for 20-30 min)
6. Use lemons and chamomile tea to lighten hair (same, leave in for 30-40 min- sit outside)
7. Use Cranberry juice and any kind of red tea to awaken & brighten red hair (same, just stay indoors)

Natural Health and Beauty Remedies
1. Love frozen treats? Try eating frozen fruits! My favs are blueberries, strawberries, and mangoes!
2. Hey, sexy! Nick yourself while shaving? Happens to the best of us. Fix it by putting some extra lotion on it. Not only does it stop the bleeding, but it also soothes the pain and smooths your skin!
3. Drink lots of water and exercise daily for the supermodel glow of your dreams.
4. Massage Jojoba oil into your hair (before your shower/bath) for ten minutes, this will help make your hair GROW, baby, grow!
5. Have mid-day oily hair? Put some non-scented baby powder at your roots and leave in for about 3-5 min. Then brush out. Brush extra thoroughly if you have dark hair like me! ;)
6. Got damaged, frizzy hair? Mix up some avocados, honey, bananas, cantaloupes, and pomegranate for a healthy, hydrating hair mask. Pssst! This also doubles as a great face mask for dry skin! :)

Hope ya`ll enjoyed this! :)

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