Thoroughly annoyed #1 - Peaches and Food Part 1

4 years ago

One thing you have to know about me.

I`m not nice.

A lot of people annoy me, especially incompetent people who have the amazing belief that they are somehow the best and deserve the world handed to them on a silver platter.

When I get annoyed, I rant. When I rant, it becomes comical to myself and others. Which is why I had over 200 subscribers on my old blog.

The reason why I shut that down?
Girls kept copying my posts and posing as me.

Not sure why.

Anyways, this is the first of a very long series of rants about how half my generation and most of the next generation`s people will spiral into a life of continuous fail and why that happens.

Peaches and Food - Part I

I dont listen to peaches and food.

Nor do I, for that matter.

In the conundrum that is my gym class, I misheard the lyric. As a result, in the midst of battling fat with punches and kicks, I was completely confused on why anyone would want to listen to peaches and food.

And then the afterthoughts sunk in.

Part I - The Food

You see, I graduated from one of the top 3 universities of Canada for business.

At the beginning of every class, the professor would re-iterate the fact that because we came from the best business school in Canada and one of the top universities in the world, we are the best.

Only fools would believe that. And sadly, I must attest that the majority of my graduating class were fools.

On a global scale, no Canadian university has reached a top ten ranking, hence it cannot be considered the best. On that note, as it is not the best, it cannot breed the best people. It can only breed people that are above average, at best.

Some may think I am against self-confidence. I am not. I am against ego-stroking and nurturing the already egotistic, the already arrogant and the already overcompensating tendencies of people.

The end result?

You will have a breed of highly egotistic individuals who believe they are the best, whilst all focus on personal growth and improvement cease to exist. They fully believe they deserve more. With repeated reinforcement of the opposite, they become highly volatile and frustrated on why they were not being compensated as per their projection.

Yes, in the 6+ months since I graduated, I have noticed this alarming trend.

That, my dear readers, is why I am against the false acknowledgement of achievement when no actual achievement has come into fruition.

And lastly, before I forget.

The correct lyric was actually:

Ive listened to preachers. Ive listened to fools.

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