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4 years ago

Hello luuuxers, Today I will tell you about the Thor movie, ever seen? Besides superheroes like in recent years, I realized that the films derived from them are the best made and most successful. But let`s get down to business .... The film is based on the comic character of the same name published by Marvel Comics. In Norse mythology, Thor is the God strongest of all gods and men. It has reddish hair and beard, a huge time and represents the thunder, lightning shooting with his mighty hammer Mjolnir.É son of Odin, the supreme god of Asgard, and Jord (Fjorgyn) the goddess of Midgard (Earth). During Ragnarok, Thor will kill and be killed by Jörmungandr. A curiosity about Norse mythology is that this influenced the names of weekdays in the Anglophone countries. Take the example of Thursday and Friday: the first refers to "the day of Thor", the second is the "day of Freya." I loved the film and who have not seen counsel ...

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