This year at the gym, my resolution will be...

5 years ago

This year at the gym, my resolution will be... well... to be... friendly. I`m going to say it now, I`m a gym snob. I deal with people at work a lot so at the end of the day I`m usually too exhausted to be friendly. This sounds really odd for anybody that knows me because I`m so outgoing at work but as an introvert at heart all I want to do is have down time when I`m away from work. Going to the gym allows me to release so I really hate making eye contact with people and having conversations... I`m focused when I train and the only person that I should be talking to is my trainer or the random person that I`ve asked to spot me. I cringe at poor form and people that hit cardio for an hour thinking this will make them more tone and fit. I think people pick up on my energy too because I have yet to have someone approach me to give me lifting advice (or any random conversation)...

But with all the new folks at the gym, I`ve come to realize that I need to be nicer, smile more, and accept the individuals that are around me who are special in their own way and are all there for the same reason... to be healthy and feel physically better (having a physically more attractive body also helps but there are so many body types and expectations... I`m about to go off topic). Anyways, point is, there`s a difference between showy people that lift heavy with poor form and someone genuinely trying to improve their health but not knowing where to start and therefore lifting with poor form... I can`t discriminate and I can`t be a gym snob to everybody.

For people that are starting out at the gym, the place is intimidating, one often doesn`t know where to begin and picking up weights is always difficult because you think everybody is staring as you reach for that dumbbell... But as someone who has `been there`, I need to be more compassionate about those around me. In fact, I switched gyms because I hated the feeling I got at my old gym. I always felt like I wasn`t good enough to train at my old gym. But now that I train at the YMCA, I am regularly reminded by my membership card that it`s a place that "brings people together". I just need to find a balance between being focused and being positive to the people around me at the gym....

So in an effort to change my attitude at the gym, today I smiled at a girl that I`ve seen at the gym for the last two months. Her friends come and go but her dedication has been impressive (in fact, I remember the first time I saw her with her friends who commented that lifting weights will make girls bulky... so not true unless you`re on steroids!). I`m happy to have made contact with her even if it was just a smile (yes, she smiled back). I`ve seen her look at me when I`m lifting so I know she`s curious... Hopefully I`ll work my way to talking to her!

For all the regular gym goers, what are you like at the gym...? For all the people that have resolved to hit the gym more often, do you find the strangers at the gym friendly?

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