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This is some fan fiction that I wrote-It is still a rough draft but what do you think?
Post Episode III: Jedi Honoria
And remember Lord Vader, no apprentices, reminded Lord Sideous just before sending Vader on his latest quest.
Yes master, replied Vader.
The quest that Lord Vader has just been assigned involves going to an outer-rim, desert planet called Yeoplevin to take care of one of the final jedis remaining in the galaxy, Honoria.
Vader jumped into his black tie-fighter ship, fired up the engines, and took off into outer space. As he was flying he couldnt help but reminisce about his home planet, which was also an outer-rim, desert planet, called Tatooine. Lord Vader hated when he thought of his past. It only brought pain because his mother and Padme, his wife, are gone.
Oh Padme, sighed Vader as his heart and soul ripped a little more. How can I live without you?
Just then Vader spots Yeoplevin and he lands on the coarse sand.
After turning off the engine he jumped out onto the soft ground. Now he must find Jedi Honoria.
He ignited his blood-red lightsaber and it came to life. As he listened to its idle hum he felt powerful, yet all alone.
All of a sudden out of nowhere Vader felt a disturbance in the force.
That must be Jedi Honoria, concluded Vader. But there is something a bit off, he whispered to himself. As he tried to pinpoint the obscurity he heard a faint footfall behind him and he quickly turned around, his lightsaber still ignited.
Vaders blood red lightsaber clashed into a sea blue one.
You are just a child, exclaimed a shocked Vader. No wonder you felt different.
As they stood on the dunes, blades together, Vader was in for another enormous shock that would rattle his very being. The young girl looked just like Padme! Vader couldnt believe it and he was stunned. Honoria took advantage of the opportunity and knocked Vaders lightsaber out of his hand. His saber went out as it hit the ground and Vader was unarmed.
Honoria swung at Vader, but before she could finish the fatal blow, Vader force pushed her back into the sand. As she scrambled to her feet, Vader force pulled his lightsaber into his hand and was armed once more.
The two clashed and parried, blow after blow, until Vader was able to get the upper hand and slice Honorias saber in half. The blade sputtered and went out and Honoria was defenseless.
She looked around for an escape but there was nowhere to go. It was a wide open landscape and she knew that she couldnt outrun a sith lord. She wasnt one for giving up. She had survived this long after all; however, she knew that there was no hope for her now. She sunk to her knees, head bowed and waited for the end to come. She sensed six foot tall Vader walking towards her and she knew that he would kill her; that is why he had come after all.
As Vader walked towards the defeated jedi, he couldnt help but still be stunned by her resemblance to Padme. He missed his love so much and it tore at his heart.
I have to do it, I have to finish her, Vader told himself as he ignited his lightsaber once again and advanced on the young girl.
When Vader came to be five feet away from Honoria she mustered her last reserve of strength and force pushed him as hard as she could.
It did no good. Vader was too powerful and he just kept coming.
In disbelief, a completely exhausted Honoria fainted and fell into the sand.
She has spunk, reflected Vader. Just like Padme did
As Vader came within striking range of the fallen jedi, he knew that he had to finish her off.
He looked down at her, lifted his lightsaber, and he couldnt do it. He just couldnt. She was too much like Padme.
My master made it very clear that I cannot have an apprentice, but I can kill her either, thought Vader. Well, I will bring her with me and decide later then.
He picked her up and carried her back to his ship where he tied her up and put her in the co-pilots chair. Vader used the force hindering shackles so he knew she would be helpless when she woke up.
Vader turned on the ship and flew into space yet again.
I cant go back with her or Sideous will surely kill her, thought Vader.
After this realization, Vader decided he would travel to Tydroidia which is another outer-rim planet to decide what to do.
After flying for an hour or so, Lord Vader finally reached the Sea planet of Tydroidia and he landed on a small, uninhabited island. As he turned off the ship, Honoria began to stir and finally woke up.
Honoria couldnt believe that she was still alive; however, she was able to overcome her shock and try a force attack.
It didnt work.
Dont bother, said Vader. Those handcuffs dont allow you to use the force.
With that, Vader picked her up and took her off the ship.
Where are you taking me? demanded Honoria.
Vader didnt answer and he set her down on the beach and went back to his ship to grab his lightsaber.
From the ship, Vader watched as she struggled with the handcuffs.
Such determination, he thought and he headed back to confront her once again.
I can sense your fear and anger towards me, Vader announced. How is it that you look so much like Padme?
Honoria only stared at Vader for a minute.
Anakin? she questioned.
Dont call me that name! shouted Vader. That name no longer has meaning to me now!
I am Padmes younger sister, announced Honoria and you took her away from me!
I didnt kill her! She was my one true love, claimed Vader. In that moment Vader came up with a plan. He can have a secret apprentice that can eventually help him overthrow Lord Sideous. But I know who did cause her death, it was Lord Sideous. If you become my apprentice, we can overthrow him and avenge Padme.
I will do anything to help you rid the galaxy of that murderer, promised Honoria.
Lord Vader felt the truth in what she said and untied her.
As soon as she was untied, she bowed down onto one knee and recited the oath of apprenticeship to Vader.
I give myself to your teachings. I give myself to your cause of avenging Padme.
Good, says Vader. From this day forth you shall be known as ... Darth Pademaous.
Thank you my master, acknowledges Darth Pademaous.

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