This Soda expires when???

4 years ago

Last night, my family and I went out to get pizza for dinner!! We went to pizza hut and picked up some extra cheese pizza with cheese in the crust (my favorite, it`s quite fattning, but I ate healthy for the whole day and ran for half an hour!!) Along with the pizza, we got some breadsticks and drinks. I didn`t eat a breakstick, but I grabbed a coca-cola! lol. Coca-cola is one of my favorite sodas and mountain dew! I don`t have soda too much since it`s kinda bad for you, but it is really good.

After I grabbed the soda and got back home, I looked at my soda and saw the expiration date on it... I was shocked. I am not sure if it was a mis-print or something, but apparently my soda expires on July 3012!! Thats a whole 1000 years of fresh soda if kept in the cold lol! This is really cool, but sadly, I drunk the soda so we`ll never know, but I am keeping the bottle because it`s so cool!! haha

Has something like this ever happened to you before?
Misprint or real?

*picture is mine*

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