This Over That : Makeup Tips for Summer

4 years ago

Everyone wants to look beautiful in the warm Summer months and weather but sometimes makeup doesn`t always allow that. These are some makeup items you should temporariley use less during the summer months and some alternitives to keep you safe and looking beautiful.

1.Foundation and Tinted Moisturizers- Foundations cover a lot but they can look heavy if not right for you. During summer, if the weather is warm they can eaisly melt and slide off your face. If this souds like you try to find a tinted moisturizer. These are just like any other moisturizer but with a little bit of color so if you want a little bit of coverage this should do the trick.

2.Powders and makeup setting sprays- Alot of the times powders can look cakey if not applied correctly or just not good for you. If this is your case you should try a makeup setting spray. Some powders can be really finely ground but a makeup setting spray,sprays on even finer because it is in the form of a liquid and a fine mist. This ensures a even layer of it. They even come in different kinds for your skin type or what you are looking for. Wether you have oily, dry, or normal skin or are looking for a matte or dewy finish there is probably going to be one right for you.

3.Lipgloss and Lipbalm- I personally LOVE lipglosses and they are one of my all time favorite go-to items because I can just throw it in my purse and head out the door. The thing is you probably should stay away from them during the the summer. Or at least one ingredient found in them. Petroleum or Mineral oil. This is what gives your gloss, well, its gloss. Its what makes it so blendable and gives it that shine. Thats great but the problem is mineral oil intensifies the sun`s rays by magnifying it to your lips ,so you might as well be applying suntan oil instead of lipgloss. A great alternitive would be lipbalm or chapstick. These are very moisturizing and can come in different colors and even flavors. Now, you should look out for mineral oil in these too but the main benefit is most come with SPF. This isnt going to make the suns rays more intense, it is actually going to block them instead.

So overall I think that in the summer when it comes to makeup less is more and natural is better because it is about time to show everyone your beautiful skin that you have been hiding under all of that makeup! Thank you for reading and have a wonderful summer!
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