This is what a quotpist offquot dinner looks like

4 years ago

Yes, this was my lame, annoyance driven dinner that I am eating right now as I type this. I went to the market during lunch and bought items I would need to make a dish I wanted to try out. I went to my Weight Watchers meeting and talked to one of the ladies I generally speak to for an extra half hour. Left my meeting, starving to run home to start prepping to cook and everything just started to go wrong. Dinner was a no-can do at the very moment. So that set me off into a tither, and what do I do? Instead of eating a croissant, or 3 of them for dinner (BRAVO for practicing some reserve!), I threw some honey nut cheerios in a bowl THEN reached for my wheat rice puffed cereal (which somehow WALKED itself out of my kitchen I can`t find the damn thing ANYWHERE!), so what do I do? Grab the mini pack of Fruit Loops that have been sitting waiting for someone to eat (These are one of my favorite cereals from being a kid), throw them on top, cut up 3 large strawberries and throw some skim milk on it. The cereal was good-- I`d been wanting cereal for a while now so that was good and I didn`t hate having to eat it ... but I still would have rather my original dinner plans. I still would have rather my meal I had planned, but oh wells!

What is your favorite brand of cereal?

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