This Anaconda Don`t want none

2 years ago

Discovery TV has been making a huge deal out of this special `Eaten Alive` in which a man is going to wear a special suit that would allow him to be eaten alive by an Anaconda and survive. Discovery claims that this was to raise awareness for the Amazon and it`s animal diversity and need for preservation but lets be real for a minute, it was all about the ratings. Especially when you consider the only way the man was going to make it out alive was for the snake to be cut open and thus killed.
Raising awareness for an environment by killing it`s animals for a TV special is pretty wrong in my opinion.
Plus no one even considered the snake, it came down to the big moment and the snake just wasn`t interested. The most repulsive thing happened next, the man tried provoking the snake into eating him. It all back fired when the snake wrapped itself around him and proceeded to squeeze him to a point it threatened to break bones, then the mission was called off.
I personally found the whole idea of this project disgusting and I did not tune in. The video above does not belong to me, but shows the highlight of the whole program, it`s failure.
What did you think of this TV special?

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