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I came home to a little brown box with my name on it, and I immediately knew what it was- my third Luuux prize! I tore open the box and that is exactly what I found. I`m so pleased with it- it shipped from and came in perfect condition. The best part about this is that my order process was SO fast! My order status updates only took a total of 5 days, making this my fastest Luuux order ever.

The Luuux Shop e-mailed me before they set my status to processing and asked if i`d like the white or black iPod Touch, and I went with white. I ordered the 8g iPod, which is the 4th Generation one, so it is the newest model. This iPod costs 16,488 Luuux$ and with shipping it came to 18,052 Luuux$ total. I just wanted to mention that if you are interested in getting this iPod Touch and wanted to see the total with shipping included. I live in the USA so i`m not sure how much it would be if it was to be shipped to somewhere else.

Also, for those of you curious it took me 6 months so make this order. From my previous order, I started off with just 1,000 Luuux$ and worked my way up, all the way to 18,052 Luuux$. I go on Luuux every day and make about 100 Luuux$ a day. Yes, that may seem like a lot, but I love Luuuxing and find it so much fun! And as you can see, it does pay off in the long run! :)

I also just want to say thank you all so much for helping me reach my goal! I really appreciate it. I also want to say thank you to Luuux and Ana who works for Luuux, who was SO incredibly helpful to me and supplied me with a tracking number and answered questions I had. Luuux Customer Service is so awesome- they e-mail you back in no time!

<strong> Order Process: </strong>
04/19/2012 - Order created.
04/23/2012 Processing -
04/24/2012 Completed -

<strong> Previous Orders: </strong>
1: Sigma Makeup Brushes (black brushes & roll)
2: Tall Chestnut Uggs
3: White 8g iPod Touch

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