Thinning Out Seche Vite Top Coat

6 years ago

Anyone who owns Seche Vite Dry Fast Top coat...and has had it for enough time to get through half a bottle...knows it thickens up. It does this because the ingredients in it start to evaporate...this happens with all polishes over time. The problem with using it as it thickens is it starts to get gloopy and stringy when you pull the brush away from your nail, and can ruin the polish you`ve applied. Luckily it is very easy to restore your Seche Vite to its original state... just apply several drops of Seche Restore into the topcoat`s bottle. I mentioned in another post that the Restore does retail for about $10.00 USD, but its worth it. The Restore lasts for a long time, it takes only a few drops, and in the long run will save you more money than just running out and buying a new bottle of Seche Vite Top Coat.
Today I had to thin mine out... all I did was unscrew the lid to the topcoat, scrape the product off the brush and remove it. Then use the dropper that comes with the Restore and suck up some of the Restore. Start by applying about 3-4 drops into the top coat`s bottle. Replace the brush into the bottle and ROLL it around to combine the restore with the topcoat. Please do not shake, as it will cause bubbles in your top coat and those bubbles can then transfer onto your nails when you go to use it. If the top coat is still not thin enough, just keep applying a few drops of restore at a time into your top coat. VOILA! Wonderful fast drying goodness once again!
Please do not apply acetone into your polishes or Seche Top Coat....while it may seem like it is working at the time, its not long term and in the end, you`ve actually done nothing but ruin your polish or top coat.

The ingredients in RESTORE are: Butyl Acetate, Toluene, and Isopropyl Alcohol....the same ingredients in the Top Coat which warrant the warning label on the side.

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