Think being a stay at home mom is easy?

what a joke !!! this debate has been going on for years, who works harder, a working mom or a stay at home one, how easy can it be to be at home, well let me just give you a little taste.

I was a working mom up until 5 yrs ago, right up until my middle baby was born so yeah, I`ve been on both sides of the fence. I worked a full time demanding ass job as paralegal, very stressful, long hours, all while still taking care of my oldest daughter, my husband, being pregnant with my 2nd daughter and helping my husband with his college classes. I miss it yes, I miss the money because I was very well paid.

what I do now? my husband did not want someone else bringing up his kids. he wanted one of us to watch our babies take their first steps and start talking and do all the funny and amazing things kids do and if they`re in a day care, it`s a stranger watching them grow. he works hard so our babies can be happy and comfortable at home. want to know what my day looks like?

I get up, wake the kids up, feed them breakfast while I shower and get ready. I then get them ready, do some dishes, take my middle one to school, I go to the market, come home, clean, eat my breakfast (by then it`s like noon), feed my son, play a little with him, go to pick up my girls from school which takes me from 2 - 3:30 because of the driving, come home, do snacks, start homework, clean some more, do laundry, do dishes, play with kids for a little bit, start making dinner, have dinner, then it`s time to start getting the kids ready for the next day. picking out clothes, making sure homework is done and in the right place, then night time routine starts. my husband comes home and I take care of him, do more dishes, then I finally get to my bed at around 10ish. only to do it all over again the next day.

do I sit around scratching my ass, eating bon bons and watching stories all day long? no, I do not. oh and this schedule does not include taking the kids to their dance classes, and gymnastic, and volleyball practice and soccer when the season starts.

It KILLS ME to no end when stupid people who have never ever done this think it`s a piece of cake and it`s easy and all we do is just sit around watching stories, eating bon bons and scratching our asses. I feel so happy knowing I`m not missing out on my kids` lives because I`m so busy working and I am thankful that my husband is man enough to work as hard as he has to so that his kids don`t have to know what it`s like to be in a day care. it is very unfortunate that some people do not have the opportunity to do what I do but let me tell you, being at home is no joke, it`s very hard work, it`s just as stressful as working a 8-5 if not more because this is your life 24-7, you don`t get to leave the office at quitting time.

for those that feel they`re in any position to make idiotic, uneducated comments and remarks about the life of a stay at home mom, I suggest you marry rich, because otherwise, you may not be able to enjoy watching your kids grow up, it`s a privilege really and we work so much harder than anyone knows.

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