Things to know about nuez de la India weight loss

9 months ago

Cashews are certainly a nutritious nut, but one thing that you need to know is that they are not a miracle food for weight loss. Cashews can just be the part of your diet to lose weight. It can become easy for you to follow your diet with such nuts as they are quiet satisfying to your hunger. It can help you reach the weight aim that you have.

Nut of India and weight loss

There are a few studies that have shown the relation between the nuts and weight loss. The studies show that all the people who ate two servings of nuts per week gained less weight when compared to those who seldom ate cashews. The nutrition journal has stated that satiety level is increased when you consume nuts as they provide you with a satisfying feeling and you consume less food. One reason why cashews help you not gain weight is that all the calories from them are not absorbed and this might be the reason for nuez de la India weight loss.

Monounsaturated fat in cashews for weight loss Nuts like cashews contain around 13 grams of fats among which around 8 grams of fats are monounsaturated fat. It is said that replacing saturated fats with unsaturated ones will help you gain weight but when there is more of monounsaturated fats then it would not lead to weight gain. Cashews are good for weight loss because it contains monounsaturated fats. Improvise your cholesterol level and triglyceride by opting for moderate fat diet. Nuez de la India side effects are bad and your can experience it if you consume it in lot of proportion.

Cashews contain lot of protein

It is known fact that cashews can offer you with lot of protein. he daily requirement of protein for a woman is 46 grams and more than 4 grams per ounce is approximately 10 percent of the daily intake. The daily requirement of protein intake for men is 56 grams. Diet with protein that contains cashews can allow you to feel full. Meals that contain 25 grams of protein can help you get more benefits of weight loss. Eating more cashews is not good for your health. Don`t let nuez de la India side effects affect you in a negative way. Thus what you need to do is intake other protein rich food such as seafood, beans etc for completing the daily requirement of protein.

Count your calories

It is very important for you to include nuez de la India weight loss. 165 calories contain in around 18 cashews and so this count can make it easy for you to decide over consuming particular amount of calories. In order to lose one pound of weight every week you need to cut down 500 calories from your diet on daily basis. Consuming right amount of Nut of India can allow you to lose weight.

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