Things to Consider When Adopting a Pet

4 years ago

Something to consider when adopting a dog is how can you get you and your family a safe, healthy pet and also do a service to the community. Often times, looking at your local shelter is a great place to start because there are many dogs there that need homes and are euthanized EVERY DAY. :(

Another good place, believe it or not, is craigslist. When looking for a dog on craigslist however, you have to be very careful about who you are adopting from. There are a couple things to watch for:

1. When a person has a dog up for adoption on craigslist, they are NOT supposed to be selling the dog by any means. If you see someone who is OBVIOUSLY selling puppies bred by them in their back yard, FLAG THE POST. Crooked breeders are part of the reason for over crowding in shelters. HOW TO TELL: A rehomeing fee will never be more than $75 at most (unless it is a `bully` breed, which usually require $200-300 rehome fees to ensure they go to good homes, as dog fighters won`t waste that much money on dogs they`re putting in the pit).
2. Avoid ads where the advertiser is saying something like, "call or text for more info on fee". Generally, they just want your attention long enough to try to get you to contact them in hopes of a reasonable fee, so they can try to sell you on a higher adoption fee. Once again, this is likely because of crooked breeding.
3. DON`T let misconceptions about `bully` breeds get to you!! Pit bulls are NOT mean or hateful dogs. I know from experience, with the right love and discipline, a pit bull is an amazing family pet. (:

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