Things Girls wish Guys knew PART 1

I`m starting this knew series where i name fifteen things i wish guys knew. Here`s part one.

1.If i talk to alot or give you more attention than other boys, i may have feelings for you.

2.When you smell like axe or just smell good, your going up in my estim or life.

3.If you play guitar, don`t hide it, girls love that.

4.You don`t need to talk bullshit about justin bieber all the time, we know you already listened to him.

5.When you tell me i smell good , i love it.

6.When you compliment me on little things like my nails it makes me feel special.

7.Hugging you is the best feeling in the world.

8.If i say i`m cold, i`m probably not; i just wanna cuddle or for you to give me your sweatshirt.

9.Don`t say i`m hot, say i`m beautiful.

10.Please wear my favorite shirt when i`m with you.

11.Girls like when hug them from the back

12.It`s hot when you drink beer, it gives you a more manly look.

13.We love it when you us on the forehead.

14.Girls love it when a guy pulls you closer by the waist.

15.Sometimes, i just want you to come over and cuddle.

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