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4 years ago

You may have been able to tell that recently I have been on something on a fragrance kick. I had a few more that were on my wish list to pick up. I went ahead an ordered some more of the mini bottles. Again, I placed an order for three bottles. There were some things I noticed about this order that I will point out... I`ll get to that in a bit.

In my order this time around I selected all Thierry Mugler perfumes. From left to right they are Alien Eau De Parfum, Alien Sunessence, and Alien Eau De Toilette. Yes, all Alien. I got both the eau de toilette and the eau de parfum because there are different notes in each and because, typically, an eau de toilette is a tamed down version of an eau de parfum, and Alien is quite a strong fragrance. Alien Sunessence was raved about as a nice warmer weather version of Alien, so I wanted to give it a shot.

Now, with all orders, (who I ordered through) claims you will receive a little added freebie... They tell you when you place your order that it will be a nail buffing block, but last time it was a purse-sized mirror. This time, nothing at all was in my box. Last time, I received two mini viles of perfumes (like little samples...which isn`t uncommon for any company to toss in when you place online orders). This time they weren`t in their, either. I don`t really care about the extra little perfumes, and don`t REALLY care about the extra freebie... but I do think it is a bit crappy that they say that with every order they will send you something as a thank you, yet nothing at all was in there. Plus, the last time my box was packaged nicely. This time everything seemed to be carelessly tossed in. The colored bag that the perfumes were put inside wasn`t tied or anything like it was with the first order. I kind of felt that the presentation was set up nicely with my first order and after that they figure "why bother, she`s already need to put anymore effort in"....shame.

Beyond that... when I opened the Alien Sunessence perfume a good amount of it had leaked out in transit. Not enough to fuss over, but it still rubs me that wrong way since I am paying for a full bottle and it isn`t full. I am tempted to write them an email, but considering how careless they were with my order already, it makes me wonder if they`d even care and try to make it right. My hands and box reek of Alien Sunessence. Not in a bad way, but... I`d rather pick and choose when I smell like it. And really, I`d rather not have a cardboard box that is going to be tossed to the garbage receive a hefty dousing of it. Let`s just say, I don`t think my next perfume order will be through I will be trying another of the etailers for my orders, should I choose to buy more online.

OH, I also wanted to mention something I found a bit...sketchy. They have their own little sticker placed on the back with the name of the perfume and a barcode. I pulled it off because it looks cheap and tacky. Underneath of this is text that they used that sticker to cover up. It says that these bottles are for sample and not for resale.... tsk tsk.... No wonder they wanted those stickers conveniently placed there. :- soo... I`m not exactly sure how that works...

The bottles, themselves, are beautiful little miniatures of the actual full-sized Alien perfumes. As I can wear and get my thoughts sorted out on them, I`m sure you can expect some reviews to start popping up. I`m quite behind on my posting, though, so it may take me a bit.


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