Thierry Mugler: Alien (EDP)

4 years ago

Alien is a rather popular perfume by Thierry Mugler. It was launched in 2005 and created by Dominique Ropion and Laurent Bruyere. Most people will know of Angel, but Alien is supposed to take to the other side of the spectrum. I bought this one as another blind buy. For the most part, those who test Alien can clearly tell you if they love or hate it. There is a small group that are torn, but that is a small percentage. I find that I fall in that middle crowd. When I first put this perfume on, it opens extremely strong. I am talking bowl-you-over heavy! The scent is sharp and thick with jasmine. I am very glad I read a ton of reviews before I ever wore this perfume because I knew to apply lightly. I put one little dab onto my wrist and then rubbed them together. That was more than enough. I could smell this even when my arms were down at my sides. That should give you an idea of just how strong this perfume is. I didn`t enjoy the deep inhale of it as it was just too much. However, a light whiff of it was okay from afar. After about 30 minutes it does soften up, but it is still quite strong. I wouldn`t say that it has become very mild like some perfumes will have done after a half hour. This is still rather fresh and pungent. However, at this point it takes on something of a soapy quality. It starts to remind me of that fresh from the shower kind of smell. It seems artificial...the scents I pick up on are definitely not natural-found ones. After an hour, it is finally working its way into something I can start to enjoy. I am able to breathe it in more deeply to pick up on more notes besides strong, harsh jasmine. The smell of jasmine is still there, don`t get me wrong, but it is more tame and settled in. I can now pick up on the amber note, which makes it a tiny bit more welcoming. Initially, it is rather stand-offish but the amber brings a bit of coziness. Don`t let that fool you, though. This is most definitely NOT a cozy scent, over all. It is more sweet and sexy, though, at this point. Somehow this is a complex perfume, yet only contains three notes! So many perfumes are a hodge-podge of three dozen scents fighting for their shining moment yet you`ll never detect them all. This is another fragrance that a lot of men will wear, too. I smell a very womanly fragrance from this one. I don`t remotely pick up on anything that hints at a masculine fragrance. I have tried and tried to figure out how a man would wear this one, but I just can`t. And a lot of male reviews are out there about this perfume. To me, it is a bomb of femininity! This isn`t at all a warm fragrance. It is quite cold, in fact. I like scents that meld with the skin and have that cozy kind of feel when you smell them. This doesn`t at all do that for me. It seems to be a perfume that sits on top of the skin. I also find this to be a perfume for the more mature crowd. I really cannot see a young girl pulling this one off. I`d say mid to late 20`s and beyond is the age range for Alien (and part of me feels that is even pushing it). Over all, I will say it again. I am of the minority who fall in that middle ground. I don`t absolutely hate this perfume, though I definitely don`t adore it. I don`t enjoy the opening, as it reminds me of a funeral home. After it has calmed down and the hints of warmth have crept in, I do think it is more pleasant to wear. It still isn`t enough to push me to reach for this bottle over others, though. I feel it is worth the scent experience for everyone to try. I do believe it is worthy of that much.
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