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5 years ago

These past months havent been the best for internet users with websites closing, other becoming more strict and acts like SOPA trying to change internet as we know it.
Other big reason behind that is money, that means downloads. People and organizations that are complains about illegal downloads are trying to move fast to stop people from downloading and one of the way they have to do that sometimes is to track users activity.
They have their own ways of do it but in case are wondering if you might be in danger of have any trace of your downloads online, there is now this website called youdownloaded that shows any record of downloads from your IP/computer from places like torrent websites.
In case you are curious, check out the website site:


They have already 54 million of IP on their data base and tons of files documented,so in case you downloaded a file from a place they have recorded, your IP address will show on the website and you can see the downloads you made and that the website has record off.
Its interesting to try and you only have to open the website and it automatically knows your IP address. It also has kind of a wall of shame, where some IP address are on the top of the page with the more recent files they downloaded.

<strong>Also, do you know what the irony is?!</strong>The website has record of illegal download from Sony Pictures, Universal and Fox, which means they have downloaded illegally. The same ones that are going after people and support SOPA lol oh, the irony!

<strong>Did you know about this website? What do you think of a public website that might show what you downloaded(doesnt show your name or address though)?</strong>

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