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Hey guys, sorry that I have been super behind :/ IDK what`s up with me lately it`s as if I have been sucked into this zone where time passes with a snap and idek. I have about three packages to ship out, so tomorrow morning, ASAP, that`s gotta be taken care of.
So about a week ago, I did a LOT of Ebay shopping. I have some pieces of jewelry on the way. However, they are from China, Hong Kong, etc. so they might arrive next week, or sometime near that.
So I ordered these two WESC jeans from Ebay. I didn`t know about the brand. I was just like, 5.80 and 8.00 Heck yeah!! And ordered. Then I got curious and look up the brand. I was like hmmm... these are worth much more than I paid. I considered (dang i forgot the word) con.....something but then I was like whatever, even if they are fake, idc. They look legit, and came with all of the orginal tags, and prices on them. I think someone had to go through A LOT of trouble to make counterfeits ( aha I looked it up). And sew all of the tags on and make them look genuine etc. Also they are really awesome quality and fit me great {i mean yeah, they`re kinda big but watevs, its called a safety pin, belt, rolling up [ive never had jeans i could roll before and I kinda like the look :)]}
What do you guys think? I could include many other pics etc. if some of you guys with for sure legit jeans wanna help me prove they`re real. lol. I don`t care either way. I am pretty sure they are genuine. What do you guys think? One is a 26" and another is 27" weird, because the bigger size fits me better. I think it`s just because of the way they`re supposed to fit( tight, regular, etc.
I am also thinking of ordering a sweat top because its simple, and my fave color ( purple) =D

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