These Eggs are a Dud

3 years ago

It`s a little late for this one, but I`m putting the warning out for all of you next year.
My mom and I were at Walmart looking over all the Easter Egg supplies when we came across these packs of eggs. They cost $1.94 for a dozen and it is perfect because hard boiled eggs rarely get eaten in our house! SO we bought 2 packages.
My mom ran out of time to color these with my sisters, so I colored them while the rest of the family went up north (i had to work that day). The packaging on these little eggs says they color like regular eggs. We happened to buy two packages of dye, one gave eggs a candy shine and the other was just a regular vinegar and water dye kit. Now the packaging says the eggs are plastic, but they feel like construction paper.
The candy colored kit worked fine. It was really messy because you have to use a little paint brush to paint the color on but those eggs did end up nice and shiny so no complaints with these eggs on that.
The trouble came when I wanted to use the regular dip and dye kit.

Problem #1 These paper eggs float. They would even partially submerged into the dye which meant I had to make a weight to keep them in the color.

Problem #2 They would NOT change color. The eggs changed a slight tint of the color they were in, hardly enough to even really notice.

My solution?
I took regular food coloring put a drop in a plastic cup and shook the eggs up in that. It ended up giving the eggs a cool pattern and to make them smooth I would just add a tiny bit of water shake it up then wipe it off with a paper towel.

Don`t waste your money on the $2 eggs, especially not if you want to get a real color on them. I was lucky that my siblings weren`t home to paint them, because it would have been a world of disappointment for them.
All the eggs in picture 1 are redone in either the candy color or the food coloring. Picture two contains the undyable egg.

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