The X-Files: Season 1

5 years ago

This might come as a surprise to other twenty-somethings, but I had never seen The X-Files up until very recently. I had never even seen a single episode! I was 5 years old when the show came out in 1993. Obviously, my parents didn`t watch it in front of me, and I wasn`t allowed to watch it, either, lol.

If you`ve never heard of the X-Files before, it`s a spooky television show about two FBI agents, Mulder and Scully, who investigate "X-Files", which are bizarre cases with paranormal elements.

I like scary movies/books/etc., so it was a wonder that I had never even seen The X-Files. All nine seasons of the show became available on my Netflix account recently, so I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to watch the complete series. So far, I have watches the first season of the show, and I LOVE it! I expected it to be mostly about aliens and UFOs and spacey stuff, but it explored a wide variety of paranormal happenings, actually. The first season covered poltergeists, pyrokinesis, humanoid monsters, a religious healer, reincarnation, a computer system capable of murdering people, prehistoric homicidal insects, psychics, and, of course, aliens and UFOs! So, even just based on the first season, I can say that the scope of this show is very wide, lol. If you can think of something paranormal, The X-Files probably did a show on it at some point!

I find that some of the episodes are more engaging than others, but overall I like the pacing of the show. Some episodes are definitely WAY creepier than others, too...but sometimes they are funny and cheesy (especially when you see the kind of clothing, makeup and music that was popular in the early 90`s!). It`s actually a pretty good mix! =) I`m definitely going to keep watching the show from hereon-in. I`m already a few episodes into the second season, lol.

<strong>Have you ever watched The X-Files? Do you like this show?</strong>

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