The Worst Manicure I`ve ever had.

3 years ago

So I might be a bit obsessed with Frozen, but i`m not the only one the nation has been taken by the latest Disney film! I went into the nail salon after christmas to get a mani-pedi and after looking through the colors I fell in love with this blue OPI polish. It is from their Liquid Sand collection and is called Kiss mMe at Midnight. The other color on my toes was a creamy baby blue also by OPI but I don`t know what it was called.
My pedicure went without a hitch, but when it came time to the manicure all I got was disappointment. I love manicures, i love having my hands massaged and scrubbed and lotioned it just relaxes me! I was disappointed when the salon skipped out on using the scrub they usually use, but they were super busy so I just figured they must have been out of the scrub they usually use. I was disappointed yet again when he didn`t ask me if I wasn`t my nails kept long he just cut them short. I have been spending weeks growing them out to have it all clipped away made me a little sadder then it should have.
My nails were all painted and I put them under the dryer. I sat there for about 20 minutes and when I pulled my nails out they were all dented and wrinkly. I know I did not touch them to anything, when I mentioned it to one of the manicurists the lady just told me I`d have to deal with it because they were busy, and I should have known that it really takes nail polish about 2 hours to try.
I was so angry, I don`t normally complain or ask them to fix my nails when I make a mistake and mess them up so having this kind of accident and being told to deal with it. I was furious.
After leaving the salon I looked at my nails again and I realized they hadn`t even been filed properly, they were crooked and uneven. Now I am terrible at filing my nails I can`t make them even or rounded the way I like, so I really rely on the manicurist to make them even at least.
Over all I was just really disappointed by the salon, I have been going to that salon for years and it really changed my opinion of their business. I can grant that they were busy, but I felt like i had been treated poorly, and there is no excuse for that.

Have you ever gotten a manicure you weren`t happy with?

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