The worst foundation EVER!

4 years ago

This is by far the WORST foundation I have ever come across in my LIFE and it`s 17`s "Photo Flawless" foundation. I know I shouldn`t expect much when I spend less than (or around) £4 on a product like this but this was beyond diabolical.

I first bought this product last July, and remember trying it out just before I was about to go to my 21st birthday party. Well, it put me in a shocking mood because I ended up having to take it all off and start over with the last dregs of a "back-up" foundation. I will list my issues with it.

- Doesn`t cover. Like at all. The formula is a thick liquid, making me think that it was going to be a heavy covering foundation, but it didn`t cover a single blemish nor discolouration mark on my face.
- Blotchy. Literally left me with 6 different shades on my face. Some were the foundation, some were the rosacea colourations of my skin, some were my natural skin tone, others were, well, I don`t even know what.
- Doesn`t blend well.
- Sinks into every single wrinkle and crevice on my face and makes them stand out! I don`t have a clue how it does this, and I know I`m only 21 but there are lines on my forehead obviously from expressions, which are unnoticeable before applying this foundation, but after? It sunk into them completely, turned them pink and left me looking like I was 40 years old! Gah! I was horrified.
- Horribly drying.
- Oily formula which makes it break up into sections in the bottle??!?! So weird and disgusting.

Good points? Well, I suppose the price is okay, but it`s just a complete waste of money, so I don`t think there are any good points :/ I would advise everyone to stay away from this product. I can`t even use it as a back up foundation because I`d rather go out with no makeup on after what this does to my skin.
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