The Worst Call in College Football?

2 years ago

One of the biggest rivalries in college football, Ohio State vs Penn State, just saw a rocky start to the beginning of their 30th game against each other. Penn State is hosting Ohio State with their now famous White Out, an event where the entire stadium dresses in white and is truly a spectacular display. But while Penn State`s fans are doing their best to deter Ohio State from making plays, the refs seem to be making some very strange calls...

In the first five minutes, Penn State threw a pass that was `intercepted` by Ohio State. The only problem? It wasn`t actually an interception - the ball hit the ground! Refs made the call that the interception was good even after reviewing footage. The picture I`ve included clearly shows the ball on the ground before the Ohio State player has a chance to gain control of it before it bounced back up to him.

Calls like this lead to a lot of questions... Why did the refs let the call stand? Why were they shown only `certain` replay footage in the booth? There are always bad calls made in sports, but something as obvious as this is truly mind-blowing.

We`ll see what happens throughout the rest of the game (it`s currently still going on!). Hopefully Penn State gets the chance to make up for this awful call!

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