The World`s Tallest Man!

5 years ago

Many of us think that the tallest man in the world might be a basketball such as Jeremy Lin (linsanity), but the actually tallest person in the world isn`t that famous or a basketball player. Sultan Kosen from the country of Turkey has the longest body of any living person. He is 8 feet, 3 inches tall. (that is a whole 3 feet taller than me!)

Sultan who actually had trouble to stop growing and it was becoming dangerous to his health. He might now lead a longer life because specialists have helped him stop growing, by preforming surgery in 2010 on Kosen`s pituitary gland. Kosen`s condition is known as acromegaly which is basically caused when a tumor releases excessive growth hormone. (hmmm.. I could use a little bit of that in my life! lol)

He was diagnosed with this disease a while back so now event though he has stopped growing, he needs crutches to be able to walk due to all the stress he had put on his knees before.

This is really cool news, but I do feel kinda bad for the guy.. I think he is lucky though to be honest!

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