The World`s Flattest Speaker

4 years ago

In a time where manufactures take dimensions of their products very serioulsy and use it often as a markting/positive side of their product, like a small smartphone that is still very powerful as others, its only expected that the concept of compact products gets to the audio industry with something like this.

The the worlds most flat speaker ever and it was created by Hannes Harms and recently presented in RCA Show in the UK.
The speaker has a stainless steel sheet is of 0.5mm that holds the speaker. Despite being impressive and with a great design, there is still no information that confirms that it will actually go into production but a product so cool and sleek as this it might get some good investors.

It really is amazing how technology evolves so fast because when i think of a speaker i think of a big speaker or something that takes much more space than this. This is not the first flat speaker i see actually ( even though this is the flattest) and i saw one recently that was crazy expensive but it had some kind of fibers/stripes that vibrated and produced and a sound. Even though i was skeptical, they really have an amazing sound without so much bulk of the speakers.

If this was to go on sale and wasn`t expensive ( which i doubt), i would buy this.

<strong>What do you think of this speaker? Would you get one?</strong>

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