The Worlds First Recognized Cyborg

4 years ago

Neil Harbisson was Born in 1982 and he was diagnosed achromatopsia during is childhood (syndrome that has links to five separate diseases) but for him it meant that he could only see the world in black and white.
It`s hard to live like this way!
In his second year at the caumpus he attended to a lecture given by Adam Montandon. He explained to him his condition, and then both of them started working in the eyeborg project, which was mounted on Harbissons head that picks up the different colors and converts all of them into sound waves. He became the first person in history with the ability to hear colors.
Then it came the year that Harbisson needed to renew his passport. British disallow any objects in passport photographs. So the passport application was rejected...
In the months later he sent letters with support from Doctors and educators arguing that the eyeborg was part of him. After all these, finally it was confirmed officially Harbissons status as the first officially recognized cyborg in history.

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