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4 years ago

The Works Burger

My sister has been dying to take me to The Works since she found out they have locations in Toronto. While she was away for school in Ottawa, she developed an obsession with their burgers.
The Works is a Canadian chain that is known for their off the wall burger creations.

While they do offer some other items, they are best known for their burgers and the tons of choices you get.

They`ve created a 5 step system in order for you to create a the burger you want.

First, you can choose whether you want a regular beef burger, a ground turkey burger, a chicken breast or even an elk meat burger. They also have some veggie options like a veggie burger or a portobello mushroom cap.

Next you, pick the toppings. They have them grouped under crazy names (some are references only Canadians will understand lol). There are over 70 menu names listed, and you can mix and match some of the toppings if you`d like. My sister said some of the ones in Ottawa were named differently, which makes sense since there were some obvious Toronto-only references in some of the names. One was called Leafs Nation (after our beloved NHL team) and another is called Taste of the Danforth, the Danforth being a famous street/neighbourhood in Toronto known for it`s Greek population. The Taste of the Danforth is a yearly festival of Greek food held in the neighbourhood, so as you can imagine, this burger had typical greek flavours like tzatziki and oregano.

My favourite was The Stanley Cup Burger. As I mentioned, our NHL team has a HUGE fan base, but The Toronto Maple Leafs haven`t won the Stanley cup since 1967 so the menu description for this burger says: The Works would like to apologize since this burger hasn`t been available in the GTA for 45 years LOL

I ended up choosing a turkey burger and topped it with the Fly by Night which comes with avocado, tomato, minced garlic and a tiger shrimp. (By the way, Fly by Night also happens to be a famous song/ album by Canadian classic rock band, Rush :P. )

The 3rd step is to pick what kind of bread you want your burger to be served on. Since I had chosen some "healthy" options with the lean turkey and low cal toppings, I decided to stick with that theme and picked a whole wheat bun lol

Finally, you get to pick your sides. You can stick with one of their basic options like fries, salad, mashed potatoes, yam fries etc... Or you can move on to step 5 and upgrade your side or your burger. I chose to upgrade my side to fried dill pickles Mmmmmm.....

So much for being "healthy" :P

The food was great! I`m dying to go back and try some of their other combinations. I`m also curious to try an Elk meat burger, so maybe I`ll be more adventurous and try that next time....

Have you ever been to The Works before?

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