The wonders of having an ipod touch

4 years ago

It is so cool to have an ipod touch there are so many things you can do with this device that you couldn`t with older ipods. I got my first ipod touch just before Christmas of 2010 and it really made my day when i received it from ups. I got my ipod touch on a penny auction website didn`t really spend that much money on it at all. I had it up until last week when it fell out of my purse and the screen cracked. Amazingly the ipod still is in ways still functional I can still listen to music on it, take pictures, and play games, although the screen is severely cracked where it looks ugly, and glass is popping out of it. The ipod really is a wonderful device to have because it is useful for grocery shopping, listening to music when bored, playing games when there is nothing else to do, etc. I am looking into getting a new ipod touch so I can be able to have one without a cracked screen and not have to worry about cutting my hand on the screen. If you do not have an ipod touch I do suggest that you get one whether you get on off of this site, or a penny auction at a discounted price or if you decide to buy one upfront full retail price.

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