The Woman in Black

5 years ago

Hey, everyone. :) I`m writing about my personal reaction from watching The Woman in Black. It opened yesterday, and since I`ve wanted to watch it ever since I saw the trailer, I went with four of my close friends last night.

Here`s the basic plot of the movie- don`t worry, I won`t spoil anything. So a widowed lawyer, Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe), travels to a house in a small village to find papers to settle a deceased woman`s affairs. Despite warnings from the villagers to not go to the house, he does so anyway. When he is at the house, he realizes something unsettling- a ghost of a woman is haunting the house.

I liked the movie well enough. The storyline was great, but as for the scariness, it was mostly suspenseful scenes that I expected. I honestly don`t know a truly scary movie to compare it to. I have this strange habit of laughing instead of screaming during "scary parts", so as you can imagine I was laughing my head off for half of the movie. I hope no one got annoyed with me, haha. But I also think I was laughing so much because my friend next to me was freaking out the entire time. She was undeniably the loudest screamer in the room. xD It probably didn`t help that The Woman in Black was the first scary movie all four of my friends had seen in theaters... oops.

Overall, I`d rate The Woman in Black a 3.5. I think I`d like to watch it one more time, since I never pick up everything the first time I watch a movie.

Hope you guys found this helpful!

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