The Week Of Defective Products

4 years ago

Oh my goodness... where do I even start? I`m not having a great few days with my cosmetics/brushes. They say things happen in three, so I`m just waiting for the third thing to go wrong. LOL... oy vey.

Let`s start with yesterday. I`m getting ready and pull out my Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer that everyone loves...including myself. Well, I had read numerous times that people had their packaging suddenly break on them. It would stop twisting and no product would come out. If you tried to push the piece back into place it would explode out of the sponge and still not be properly fixed. Well, it finally happened to mine. Maybelline REALLY needs to look into new packaging because one or two times okay... but for SO many people to have the same issue is a flaw in the way they are packaging the product. I don`t believe it is coincidence that so many people have this exact thing happen to theirs. Thankfully, I had a little jar that I was able to clean out and I could "depot" the rest of the product into it.... but I`m irritated because I shouldn`t have to do that. The product`s packaging should be sufficient. Now let`s hope that it doesn`t dry out since it isn`t in its original tube.

Fast forward to today. I`m deep cleaning all of the brushes that were used over the weekend. I`m finishing up and on the last brush. It is my Sigma F25 brush. You know, the large egg shaped one. I hadn`t used this brush for a very long time because I never found a good use for it. I just recently started to use it to dust on my face powder and apply my bronzer. Well, as I`m rolling the water out of the bristles it, very literally, falls apart into my hands. WTH!? I have never had a brush do this. I`m very careful because I`ve watched/read all the precautions to take so your brushes have a long life.... don`t hold them upside down, make sure the water can drain out of them, don`t ring them too hard, don`t let water go above the metal, don`t use hot water, use mild shampoo/cleansers. I did it all. I made very sure to be careful with them. I should have known this one would give me troubles, though, because from the get-go it would shed all over my face while using it and then even more each time I washed it. I`m not talking 1 or 2 hairs, either.. I`m talking enough that I looked like a pet with black hairs had wallowed all over my face/chest. I`m assuming that each time it was losing hairs, it was loosening up in the ferrule until eventually there were few enough hairs holding it tightly and it just fell out. ::grumble:: I wrote Sigma, but haven`t heard anything.

So, man down in the applicator and cosmetic areas... let`s hope my polishes don`t keel over, too. :-S

I know many of you have experienced the Maybelline package pooping out on you... what about your Sigma brushes? Have any of you had issues with them and if so, which ones specifically?


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