The Wave - Arizona

5 years ago

Rarely would I ever look at pictures and think that the place is fake, but in this case the rock formations at The Wave in the Coyote Buttes in Arizona looks kind of wonky. It looks like something someone may see if they were hallucinating or something, but no these are in fact real rock formations. These formations are actually sand dunes which have been calcified and the rich assortment of color is from the iron oxides, hematite, and goethite that is deposited. To get here you have to hike a moderately difficult 3 mile trail and also get a permit, but you know what can prevent you from coming here if you wanted to? They only issue 20 permits to visit this area per day due to the delicate nature of the rock formations. I think it`d be a great hike though. It may look a little trippy walking it, even looking at pictures looks like something out of someone`s psychedelic drug trip if one were to may be take some LSD lol.

What do you think of The Wave?
Do you think it looks like something out of someone`s psychedelic drug trip? Weee lol

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