The Walking Dead MidSeason 3 Finale review

4 years ago

So yesterday was the midseason finale of The Walking Dead season 3.
Hey what the hell is midseason finale?? It should be midseason break! But who am i to make a point!
The Walking Dead show it was one of my favorites and still is, not with that strenght but still is watchable. Well some parts of the episodes i just fast forward because they are just time wasters, like in an early episode of this season where everybody starts singing around the fire a big chunk of the episode, c`mon are you serious?? WTH??? Sometimes i think that the production is out of money or the writers are out of creativity, so like i said i fast forward some parts, all the parts with Carol or the Governor with Andrea and some parts with the kid Carl, i just can`t stand it and i see no point in some of that stories. I got to say that i was impressed when Lori was killed, finally something well done, a part less that i need to fast forward!
This midseason finale didn`t let me with great expectations, just more of the same!
But overall the episodes are being less boring than all of the season 2!
That`s all i got to say till now!

What do you think?
Have you seen it?

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