The Walking Dead #93: A Larger World - Part One

5 years ago

I don`t read very many comic books (well, at least compared to some people!), but my boyfriend has really gotten me into The Walking Dead series. Now, with the TV show starting up again, I`ve been especially into it!

The last issue I read was #93: A Larger World - Part One. Yes, there have actually been 93 issues - the first issue came out in 2004! So this is definitely a very long story, and a LOT happens. I don`t want to give too much away, but in the most recent issue, Rick and his comrades are confronted with the possibility of other survivors. Not just a few here and there, but whole communities of them! This is sort of hinted at by the smoke coming out of the chimneys of several houses on the cover of this issue. Will these people be friends or foes? I can`t wait to find out! :)

As some fans may know, the TV show is still covering the beginning of the story. The pacing of the TV show is a bit different than the comic books, but this is to be expected considering the different mediums. There are a few different (minor) characters, too, but overall the store *is* the same, and the major characters are all there.

I`d recommend reading the comics to anyone who enjoys the show. It`s a great series, even for people who aren`t all that interested in comics. And, you`ll find out how the story goes a LOT sooner than watching the TV show! ^^

<strong>Are you a fan of The Walking Dead? Have you seen the TV show, or read the comics?</strong>

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