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5 years ago


okay but seriously, The Vow has such a great storyline, which I like, but what really gets the tears running is that you know it is based on a real story!

<strong> What is it about?</strong> Without ruining the experience with spoilers; It`s about a married couple who really are in love, but when they are in a car accident her head cops the most damage. When she awakens she can only remember about 5 years earlier, when her life was so much more different!

It`s about her husband trying to win her heart and memory back, and trying to make her fall in love with him again.

I think the movie was such a good movie! One of those ones that will be fairly popular like the Notebook even! The only thing that bugs me is how they finished the movie off! Everyone i have talked to it about and how have seen it agree. Even though it is based on a real story i thought they could have given us a little more!

But maybe some people like the ending, it just depends on the person!

<strong> I rate this movie 8/10!</strong>

I recommend watching it though, it really is a good movie with such a great message, and to see the pain he has go through.

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