The Voice - Unfair?

4 years ago

The Voice is not at all an even playing field. There are so many factors that come into play that can mean an artist gets eliminated for the wrong reasons and at the wrong time.

TIMING - The coaches can only have a certain number of people on their team whereas on shows like American Idol, if you`re good you`re given a shot. But on The Voice, if you`re one of the last people to audition, you won`t get that chance to make it through and get to perform for the coaches again simply because they only have 1 or 2 spots left and are looking for a specific voice. This happened to a 50-something year old singer. She was great and had she auditioned earlier she may have made it through.

BIAS - To elaborate on the above point, when looking for the last few team members, the coaches will only pick a certain kind of artist. Also, they want to create a certain kind of team.
So if you aren`t what they are looking for, you won`t make it, even though you may be a great artist. On a fair competition show like American Idol, or X-Factor, it is based on talent alone. They won`t turn you down JUST because they are looking for a different kind of voice - it is because they think someone has more potential than someone else.

BATTLES - Uggh. I don`t like them. If you two of the best contestants are battling against each other, that means one of the HAS to be eliminated. This season it`s a bit more fair since they introduced the "steal", but there is still a bias that comes into play. On tonight`s episode Christina didn`t want to steal Domo because she was looking for a different kind of artist. Although the battles may not seem to some as that big of a deal because even though the two best may have to battle against each other, the better of the two will win. But I still think this is unfair because if you are good you should have more chances to perform. Contestants who make it into the Top 10 on American Idol have WAY more opportunities to perform than most contestants on The Voice, which means they get more covereage.

Okay... that`s my rant.

What are your opinions? If I had a choice of auditioning for a singing show I would definitely not choose The Voice. What about you?

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