The very best product of skincare costs 44 cents?!

4 years ago

Did you know that one of my best skincare products costs only 44cents?!
Yeah right... forget all the Avene, Clinique, Garnier, Baba de Caracol, Nivea, Olay, Avon, Oriflame,... you name it!
I learned this from my mother... and i insist on passing this tip to all my friends. Glycerin soap is the chepeast and most effective product you have to provide your skin a good cleanning and hydrating treatment. Everyday since you wake up until the moment before you go to bed.

I`ve seleced some specific information about this translucid soap bars that i love so much:

*Benefits of Using Glycerin Soap*

Soaps with synthetic chemicals can harm your skin in many ways. They can be responsible for irritation, redness, swelling and itching of the skin. Homemade glycerin soap is free of synthetic chemicals and is all natural. People who are allergic to chemicals or synthetic soaps can use natural glycerin soap without thinking twice. It will surely benefit them.

Glycerin is a humectant that is capable of drawing moisture towards itself. When you use glycerin on your face, it attracts moisture towards your skin and locks the water molecules there. This keeps your skin hydrated constantly and gives it a moist feeling. Regular use of glycerin soaps can make your skin softer and suppler.

2#Skin Disorders
People with skin diseases like eczema or psoriasis find it very difficult to choose the right soap. Glycerin soap is very mild and gentle on the skin and can even help in relieving symptoms of certain skin disorders.

Glycerin soap can be a very good cleanser for your face and can help you get rid of the extra oils and dirt that clogs your skin. It is also effective for acne prone skin and helps keep the acne away.

4#Anti Aging
Glycerin soap keeps your skin moisturized all the time and prevents a lot of skin problems. It prevents the skin from developing wrinkles and stretch marks, thus acting as an anti aging product. It keeps your skin healthy all the time.

On the picture, you can see the two bars that i bought yesterday at a local supermarket (Pingo Doce) and it was 44cents each.
I usually prefer another brand, but since I was there, I bought these. And another thing... the red is usually the natural one... i got this yellow cause it has honey extract and it smells soooo damn good!

Thanks for the informaton Amruta Deshpande (see source link)
I hope you liked this...

*pictures is mine*
Big kisses to you all!!
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