The Vampire Diaries

5 years ago

Most of you have probably heard of the show The Vampire Diaries, (If you haven`t you need to go watch it now <3) Last night was one of the most intense episodes, and I just felt like ranting about it to you guys :P *SPOILER ALERT*
Ok, so the first thing you should know about me is that I ship Elena and Damon, so naturally I was heartbroken when Damon and Rebekah started hooking up towards the end ! And how can Esther do that to her children ?! I actually start to fell bad and start liking the originals and then she and Elena have to go and make a plan to kill all of them ! Me and my friend were on the phone as we were watching last night, and you guys should`ve heard us screaming ! I swear, those writer as trying to kill us, smh :( lol kk so let mem know what you thought of the episode and do you like Damon or Stefan better ? (also yes i know i put spaces before punctuation, thats just how i type and im sorry of it bothers you :P)

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