The utlity of salt in house -26 Very usefull different situations!!!

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Salt can be a powerful ally in cleaning the house and beyond. Today I bring you a list of different situations in which the salt can help.


1 - Clean artificial flowers. Place the artificial flowers in a paper bag along with a little salt. Close the bag and shake it. The rock salt to scrape the flowers, are dragging and removing dirt.

2- Keep cut flowers fresh longer by adding a pinch of salt in the water bowl.

3- If while cooking with fats, they start to burn, extinguish the fire throwing salt into the flames.

4 -Remove snow from street sprinkling salt on snow or frost, preventing this paste on the floor.

5- Move the ants spreading salt on the driveway, around the windows and under doors.

6- Protect wicker furniture, avoiding that they are yellowish. Apply salt with a damp brush and let it dry in the sun.

7- Extend the Life of bath sponges or kitchen. After using them, put them to soak in water with salt.

8- Avoid frost on the windows of the house and the car rubbing a sponge with water and salt.

9- Put a little salt on the inside of the shoes to remove moisture and smell.

10 - Remove wine stains from fabrics. Applying reached on a generous amount of salt and rub the area. Leave for a few minutes and then rinse in the case of a garment. If a carpet, sweep and vacuum.

11 - Control weeds the gardens, spreading salt in the cracks of the tiles where these herbs crescem.sal-herb

12 - Eliminate rust stains on fabrics, mixing some salt with lemon juice thoroughly wetting and drying in the sun. Then wash as usual.

13 - Eliminate water stains from wood furniture after landing a cup or something wet. Apply a layer of oil and salt on the stain, rub gently, leave for an hour and then remove.

14 - Remove the rind from the cooked without eggs into a thousand pieces. Add a teaspoon of salt to the water in it will cook the eggs. After cooking, will find it easier to peel the eggs (almost) at once.

15 - Remove the oil from the kitchen utensils iron. Spread a little salt in
over them and leave for a few minutes. Remove excess and rinse. The same technique can be used to eliminate dark spots in coffee and tea cups.

16 - Reduce the odor in the jars and glass bottles and plastic. Add a teaspoon of salt into the container and leave for a few minutes. Wash normally with detergent or other cleaning product.

17 - Remove stains from bath, washbasin and kitchen sink. Make a mixture of turpentine with salt. Apply over surfaces and leave for 15 minutes. Thus, that cumbersome yellow color will come out. Then pass a damp sponge to remove the excess and keep the parts clean.

18 - Clean the floors throughout the house. Add half a cup of salt in a bucket with warm water. Clean as usual.

19 - Give sparkle to pieces of bronze, tin, silver and copper. Make a mixture of equal parts of vinegar, flour and salt. Apply the objects and leave for fifteen minutes. Remove gently with a brush and wipe with a dry cloth. Then just polish.

20 - Prevent the accumulation of fat and bad smell in the kitchen sink. Prepare a paste with vinegar and salt, spread and then let it drain down the drain.

21 - Clean yellowed piano keys. Put salt and lemon juice in a thin cloth and rub it until you remove stains caused by moisture or with constant use. The same treatment can be used on pieces of marble or ivory.

22 - Remove perspiration stains from clothing. Put four tablespoons of salt in a liter of hot water. Rub this mixture on clothing with a sponge until the halo disappears.

23 - Remove blood stains. Soak the garment in cold water with salt, wash with soapy water and boil. As for cotton clothes, linen and natural fibers.

24 - Remove burnt milk pans. Dampen the inside of the pan and sprinkle it with salt. Wait about 10 minutes and rub the pan. The salt makes cleaning easier and also helps to remove odor.

25 - Remove lipstick stains from glass cups. If even after washing in the dishwasher, lipstick stains do not disappear simply rub the stained area with salt.

26 - Prevent mold growth in cheese. Wrap the cheese in a cloth soaked in salt water and store it in the refrigerator.

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