The Twilight Zone

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Hi you luuuxers. I wanna absolutely just blog and brag about this show. I know... it is a bit of an old show. But there`s been so many "generations", if you will. And I think for the very reason that it`s such a good show.

I personally did not like the "generation" that Whitacre hosted. I don`t know, maybe I`m just more in to the older movies and TV shows, than the newer ones.

My favorite episode so far in the 80`s Twilight episodes is the one titled "A little peace and quiet". It`s about this one mother and wife that is always being bombarded by her husband and children. They want her to do everything.

So one day, she finds in her garden a very nice necklace with a watch to it. She discovers it has the power to stop everyone and time! But she can go off and about while every one "shuts up!"

At the end, there`s a missel heading their way, and she has no option to to stop time again, and can`t bring everyone back to life, because if she does, the misself hits and they all die.

How about you luuuxies, do you like this show? Any favorite episode? Please, do share!

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