The Truth Behind Braces

3 years ago

Thinking about getting braces? Well here is the truth. They are worth the years of torture because they make your teeth much better. My teeth already looked good before I got braces, but I can still see the difference. Never get light colors, especially when you first get them. Believe me, I did that. The best color for girls is dark purple and the best color for guys is either black or a navy. They hurt like crazy for the first week. On the first day I could hardly even eat. I chewed food only on my molars because those are the teeth they do not put the braces on. Pain medication did not help me. Do not eat rice if you do not want to spend five minutes getting it out of your teeth. You will spend the whole time that you have braces fretting about when you are going to get them off because plaque can grow around them and it costs $600 per tooth to get it off. Rubber bands will always hurt and sometimes give you headaches. When you get the braces tightened it will hurt for a whole day. Your family will most likely call you brace face and you will never want to smile for the camera. As I said before, it is worth it in the end, but throughout the process it is torture.

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