The Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper-The hottest chili pepper in the world!

5 years ago

Hi everyone!

From my posts, you know that I love spicy foods and I love eating pepper! In my country we have so many different types of peppers varying in degrees of hotness.

For me the hotter the pepper the better! Anyways, one of the most recent breeds of pepper created in my country has been ranked #1 in the world as the hottest chili pepper!

One of my lecturers (Genetics) was actually the person who worked on creating this new breed.

Anyways, the news was featured on the LA Times today and you can see the article in the source link below.

On the Scoville scale this pepper had 1.2 million heat units keeping in mind a jalapeno pepper has just 5,000 heat units.

I have not tried this particular type before but I would like to try it. It is ofcourse more expensive than regular peppers and it is not found everywhere.

I hope to try it. What do you think,will you want to try something that makes your mouth feel it`s on fire?

Disclaimer: Photo belongs to the site below. Check the video on the site can see someone`s reaction to eating the pepper.

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