The Top 5 Skin Care Products Every Girl Should Use

3 years ago

Have you ever wondered how celebrities on commercials for Proactive or Neutrogena have such clear, radiant skin? (You do know they are hired because their skin looks good on its own, right? They don`t all use the products they advertise for.) To put it simply, they take care of it by having a skin care routine that they use consistently. It`s not impossible to achieve smooth, acne free skin like any celebrity you see. Use the list I have created below to identify the exact products you should be using, to not only obtain beautiful skin, but also maintain it.

1. Simple face wash- all you need is a formula without all the added junk. Cetaphil is great, so is Dove soap. Then, wash your face with it morning and night using warm water.

2. Moisturizer- I will preach about Cetaphil till the day I die, but there are tons of other moisturizers for your face out there. I use this brand because they have a moisturizer for oily skin (my skin type) as well as dry/ combination. Use this morning and night after you wash your face.

3. Acne solution- I go to a dermatologist, who prescribes me my acne cream. If you can, visit a derm annually, if not, go to your local drug store and find a product specific to your acne needs. Use this after your moisturizer. It`s best if you can find two and use one in the morning and the other at night.

4. Chapstick- use this every night before bed and apply it as often as possible during the day. Crusty lips aren`t a cute look. Make them appear supple and moisturized with Chapstick. Don`t let brand names fool you, EOS lip balms and Baby Lips by Maybelline aren`t all they are hyped up to be.

5. Eye cream- now don`t get me wrong, I`m only 18, but I know that the key to looking good, no matter what your age, is prevention. Use this at night, applying it with your ring finger (the most delicate finger, because the skin under your eye is one of the most thin and sensitive). I use an eye cream by LancĂ´me, ask for a sample at your local counter, because I got mine for free that way and it`s lasted a long time!

Good luck:)

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