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Caring for the face and neck is a beauty ritual as important as any other, hence the proliferation in recent times, treatments geared specifically for that area of the female body - the so-called facial. Discover top 10 facial treatments for women, a beauty salon or spa near you.

Cleaning treatment: the most basic of all the facial, it is recommended to carry out a cleaning face at least once a year. As its name implies, this treatment focuses on cleaning and unclogging pores, starting with cleaning preparation, followed by exfoliation of the skin, with or without steam, extraction of blackheads and other impurities, facial massage, application of an appropriate mask the type of skin; ending with application of tonic and / or creams.
Exfoliating treatment: concentrate on the renewal of the skin, this treatment aims to eliminate the dead cells that age the face and neck. This deep cleansing and processing, is ideal for those who have oily skin, acne, smoking is or spend too much time in polluted environments.
Moisturizing Treatment: This facial is synonymous with balance, perfect for those who see the skin of his face worn with the passing of the seasons. If those women whose skin is resent to the sun, swimming pool and sea in the summer and / or with the cold and warm environments that mark the winter, you should do this treatment for stations to return to your face and neck natural beauty.
Anti-acne treatment, acne late and / or is a persistent problem that affects many women and anti-acne facial is a powerful ally, since it concentrates all its activities in the drainage of white and black points, followed by a thorough disinfection and preventive to end once and for all with unwanted bubbles.
Anti-aging treatment, immediately after the bubbles, wrinkles are what women fear most scoring see your face and neck. The anti-aging facial is a localized treatment and intensive acting in the most conducive to the development of timelines, in order to delay its onset, thus keeping the skin youthful and silky.
Anti-stress: stress leaves its mark in several ways, including the face and neck. To revive a tired and dull skin, this facial uses the miraculous properties of vitamin C and oxygen, combining them with powerful massage and relaxation techniques.
Treatment Endermológico: more than a body treatment, the endermologie is increasingly practiced in the face. This facial uses a small motor unit (consisting of a suction and two rollers) for sliding on the face of accurate and painless movement, stimulating blood circulation. The result? A face firmer, smoother and softer.
Mesoface treatment: also known as facial mesotherapy, this treatment which assists in the body when applied is micro-injections, dispenses them when it comes to face. His replacement is a device "roll-on" that, thanks to their electrical stimulation, promotes the circulation and lymphatic drainage. Besides removing surface fat, the skin seems to be reborn.
Lifting Treatment: This treatment can be administered in various ways - masks and ampoules with deep action, massage techniques and specific equipment - but has a single objective: to restore firmness to the skin. It is recommended for women whose facial skin appears tired, flabby and / or aging.
Botox Treatment: One of the most popular facial treatments in the world, Botox - a filling substance that is administered directly to the skin using needles - is a unique product in the fight against wrinkles. The whole secret of their success is the amazing results.

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