The Time-Out Timer Stool

5 years ago

I literally laugh my buns off when I saw this! Growing up I was being punished multiple times. My parents, sister`s use to make us kneel or send each of us in a room. Lol Once you think about it, it`s freaking funny! Lol

Well, here`s a concept I wouldn`t mind doing if this was made 15845628 years ago! Lol The Wisteria Company and it`s designers thought of a brilliant idea. What a great way to punish your kids when they don`t listen, respect or behave. Here`s a picture of a giant hourglass which is known for a time-out timer stool. It`s a chair for a fare punishment. 

The Time-Out Timer Stool is made from hardwood mango wood. Inside there are sprinkles white sand that counts down to five minutes! The designers thought five minutes would be enough time for the kids to understand why they`re being punished!

This oddly stool weights about 68 kg which can be use to punish your kids or decorations. Two in a one concept is freaking brilliant! The White on White doesn`t look good at all just because it it looks like there aren`t any sand inside. I do like the Blue one though. Very pretty! It comes in two colors and the cost would be $70 bones!!!

1. Would you use this to punish your kids?
2. Which color would you buy?

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